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Framing timber for houses and buildings

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Treated sleepers for outdoor landscaping purposes

Timber for low-cost pallets and transit equipment

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We source radiata pine from renewable Australian plantations. We cut, dry and smooth the timber so that it is able to be used in structural applications.

All SE Pine products are certified to PEFC and AFS Chain of Custody Standards. This means our raw material is sustainably sourced and you are getting a clean and green product.


Manufacturing the highest quality pine products is our life, our business, and our number one priority. We are situated in the Green Triangle Region, close to the source which gives us strict quality control from the moment our pine is renewably-sourced right up to the point that our products are delivered to you.

We offer one of the widest ranges of milled timber products, which are sawn and dried at our Mount Gambier mill before being treated and graded on site at our Dandenong facility.

VIC/NSW/QLD Sales & Export Enquiries

Goran Runje: (03) 9768 2215 or

SA/WA Sales & Export Enquiries

John Forster: (08) 8739 9200 or

Timber Purchasing Enquiries

Andrew Forster: (03) 9768 2215 or

Please note that we are a timber processing company, we are not a forestry plantation company (we process the trees, we do not grow them)
We only supply larger wholesale and retail customers


From the forest to the frame, pine acts as a carbon sink. The production of pine products is also less carbon intensive than alternative structural products such as steel. All by-products of the production process are used in the production of recyclable products or used to generate heat energy, replacing the use of fossil fuels.

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